Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh Those Kids!!

A couple of days ago two of my grandchildren who live next door showed up with plates of goodies so I could sample and enjoy what they had baked after school. Its not unusual for them to share what they make and its always fun to see what they've been doing. I had no reason to think this time was any different than another! Of course they wanted me to eat a brownie and eat a piece of chicken pot pie right then and there so I could give them my opinion. Oh, I forgot to mention - it was April 1 and we all know what they could mean. One problem with getting older is the memory doesn't always remember even what day it is, so I proceeded with the yummy offerings. Below are pictures of these goodies. First they got me with the "sponge" brownie and then the tempting chicken pie. One bite into the brownie and I thought it was made with pound cake or sponge cake because it seemed rather dry. Boy was I right about the sponge cake. A few minutes later after feeling like the April Fool, I fell for the chicken pie - or what I really thought was chicken pie. Turned out to be a sweet pie made from something that was maybe pudding and peas and carrots cut in veggie shapes from Starbursts. Next year I've got to put April 1 on my calendar and refuse to be tricked again. These kids are so clever!!

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