Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Project

I have been working on bindings 'til I can no longer stand it! I needed a break from the boring process and wanted to get a little more creative. I really like the Moda Bake Shop site and found a quick project I could make and at the same time use some of this embarrassing stash. I found the chenille hot pads tempting to try! I had made a small amount of chenille long ago but found the process of "slicing" laborious. When I saw this project on the site, I noticed a tool that I had not purchased - yet!! It is a chenille cutter and boy does it work. I took advantage of JoAnn's sale of 50% off Olfa products and got started right away. I had some fabric that I wasn't particularly fond of any longer, so decided to cut it up and start stitchin' and slicin'. This is the coolest way to do chenille! Wait for a sale however since the cost of the cutter and spare blade could feed a small village!

All sliced and ready to make more! This is fun!

Four completed and ready to be washed. Hmmmm, looks pretty boring so far.

Am wondering if this was worth the $$ and effort.

Washed, dried - its a miracle! They look so cool. Hard to believe they are all made with the same fabrics. Its a surprise to see them after the wash and dry process. Its just a matter of how they are stacked before sewing. I did all 4 bindings differently and decided the one on the left (below) worked the best.

Here is a closeup of the finished product.

By the way, below is the binding project that pushed me over the edge! Glad it is finished!


Comfort Cove Designs said...

I love to do chenille! I love to make cushions using that technique!

Quiltingly Yours

Nedra said...

Linda- the chenille is a great project, especially for the pot holders. I've never tried doing chenille before. And I love the quilt you just finished binding. Is it going into the show?

sewtakeahike said...

your quilt is amazing! Well worth the insanity in my book! Also, thank-you for posting about the chenille cutter and linking to the tut! I just went to and ordered one and there was a "virtual" coupon I was able to use to get 50% off AND the blades were on sale! Yay!